• Who We Are?

    IAA provides unequalled expertise & excellence in engineering services and innovative product solutions to enhance the value & functionality of VIP transport aircraft and operations.

    Our mission statement has allowed us to develop an outstanding reputation in the VIP transport aircraft market, while also maintaining a strong base of satisfied, repeat customers.

  • Our People

    IAA teams include experienced aviation professionals and former employees of manufacturers, operators, and service providers.

    With more then 25 years of experience and hands-on management team approach of our team allows us to more effectively respond to client demands and change orders with a minimal impact to project's price & schedule.

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    Integrated Aerospace Alliance

    Head Office
    1910 Pacific Ave,
    Dallas, Texas 75201, USA
    Tel: +1 469-703-7093

    Ask Us: [email protected]

    International Address:
    Secteur 9 .Imm 6 Rue Al Barqouq . Hay Riad Rabat . Morocco . 10100

    Etihad Towers, Corniche W St - Al Bateen - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    Sales Inquiry: [email protected]



  • Airline Aerospace Modification

    B747 - 400 V-VIP Engineering Modification

  • Aerospace Modification

    A340 V-VIP Engineering Modification

  • Aerospace Weight Balance

    Weight &Balance Analysis

  • Airline Aerospace Structure Damage

    A320, A330. Structure damage Repair

B747 - 400 V-VIP Engineering Modification

A340 V-VIP Engineering Modification

BBJ2 V-VIP Engineering Modification

B777 V-VIP Engineering Modification

B757 V-VIP Engineering Modification

MD11 V-VIP Engineering Modification

Structure damage Repair B747/737/757/767/777, DC10, MD11 & A300/A320/A330

A330 V-VIP Engineering Modification

B737 NG and B757 Wing Let Modification

Flight Test Report

Weight &Balance Analysis

STC Process

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Weight & Balance Analysis Weight and Balance Analysis or aircraft under the supervision of expert management team View more projects
Aerospace Weight & Balance Analysis IAA
A320, A330. Structure damage Repair Structure Damage Repairing of Airbus A320 & A330 for our client View more projects
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